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Diary of a lost sports fan

Devoted readers of this site may have noticed my lack of posts lately, and for that I truly apologize. I discussed this with PB the other day, and rather than boot me from the blog he suggested I share my plight with you all. Feel free to either feel sorry for me or to rip on me, either is fine.

I use to have all the time in the word for sports. I had an easy state job back in Texas where I had plenty of time to blog to my heart's content. After work, I'd head home and watch all the sports I could handle. My brother and I moved the three TVs in our apartment into the same room so we could watch three football games at a time. Saturdays featured ESPN Gameday followed by at least eight consecutive hours of drinking and watching college games. Then the big boys came out on Sundays and we'd waste all day watching the Sunday Ticket. Of course we had Tivo so we'd never miss a game or have a lack of replays. It was bliss.

In late December I left my job and my place in Texas for an internship in DC. I can't/won't tell you what I'm doing, but let's just say I don't have time anymore to blog at work.

Still, the job alone doesn't explain my lack of blogging, oh no. I am currently living in a house with 17 other college interns. Imagine "Real World DC," just without cameras. It's fun, but living with more women than men means the two TVs we have are frequently tuned to crap like The Bachelor and American Idol.

And here's the absolute kicker: we don't get ESPN. We do get ESPN2 and some Comcast Sports Channel, but not the E. You guys have no idea how much ESPN you watch until it's gone.

The main reason I haven't been posting about the Horns is honestly I haven't seen much of them. I watched the Rose Bowl at a sports bar up here and saw the Villanova game at a bar on a weekend trip to NYC, but that's it.

I'll make time to get to sports bars up here for the games in March but right now my schedule is so hectic I can't trek to a bar for every 30-point whipping the Horns give another Big 12 chump.

Please forgive my absence. Thanks to everyone who is writing the great diaries that are more than carrying the slack while I'm on lockdown, and I'm glad to welcome to our two new guys to the team.

I have a whole new level of appreciation for this blog now that I get all my UT sports news from here. It's my first stop every morning.