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Editorial: Renewing the Cotton Bowl

As many of you probably know already, Texas and OU administrators began playing hardball with Dallas city officials over the Cotton Bowl. The current deal is set to expire in 2008, and threats of the two teams moving to a home and home series have the city officials scrambling to work a new deal.

Texas and Oklahoma want the old, rotting Cotton Bowl to be expanded and remodeled, while Dallas officials say they will promise nothing until both sides sign to another long-term extension.

Frankly, Dallas needs us more than we need Dallas, so I don't think we should sign anything until they do their part to show a commitment to improving the site. Yesterday, however, University of Oklahoma regents authorized their athletic director to begin negotiating an extension.

Texas has yet to do so, and I hope they don't. While I'd like to see the game remain in Dallas, the city needs to do something on its own end to show it deserves the game. These teams have played in Dallas since 1929 and it would be a shame to lose that, but we're holding the cards here. Texas should wait.