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Update: He Was Joking! (We think)

Things have changed a bit since my rage-filled rant against what had the potential to be the Worst Column Ever Written. Over on HornFans, some folks who claim to know the author have confirmed that it was, in fact, "satire."

Okay. Deep breath. A few noteworthy points.

If you're going to write satire, tread carefully.


If you're going to flame a column, make sure it isn't satire? I guess. I started to feel a little bit silly for not "getting the joke," but then, after some more thought, it's still not entirely clear what the joke actually is. If the only goal was to incite riots from passionate Horns fans, then, uh, I guess it was successful. But that's just inflammatory. Not particularly clever, though humorous in a junior high kind of way. (Which I'm not necessarily above.)

If there was some other form of intended humor, I'm not sure it passed the test. If it was meant to be "Onion" style, it didn't go nearly far enough. The fact is, we've all met people that would probably write that column without blinking, no humor intended. To be funny, it needed to go further.

Regardless, it got my blood pumping on this lazy Friday. I guess that's worth SOMETHING, though I've still yet to figure out what.