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Christmas Eve

T-Minus one day. Today my anticipation is running wild, Hulkamania-style, and tomorrow is going to be even worse.

Most of the bowls are over, and it's been a great bowl season. There have been surprises, rallies and wild finishes, with just tonight's Diaper Bowl left to play before the Big One.

The press is all over the Rose Bowl, so trying to link to all the articles would be impossible. Needless to say, if you're bored at work today there's plenty to read about the Horns.

Peter's broken down the matchups already here at BON, so I won't go into as much detail as he did in a post below. But I'll give you my own prediction as the author on this blog who has had the most fear of USC this season.

It's going to be close. Real close. These teams (on paper at least) match up very well with each other. And in a game that appears to be pretty even, I lean towards the team with the best player. Heisman vote notwithstanding, I believe that player is Vince Young.

Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart, take your pick, might be a better pro prospect, but in the college game a mobile quarterback like Vince Young can make all the difference in the world.

When things break down, Vince will have the ball in his hands. He'll probably make a few mistakes during the game and turnovers are possible. But even USC fans should admit that the prospect of Vince with the ball in his hands with a chance to win the national championship is a good proposition for Texas.

The first quarter is key. Texas must survive the hoopla and not come out tight or it might be 21-0 USC before everyone's in their seats. Assuming we don't have a replay of USC-Oklahoma from last year, Texas should have a chance at the end, and that's enough for me. I just hope the Horns don't score with too much time left, a la Notre Dame.

Pick: Texas 34, USC 28.

Add your own score below.