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Moving On

Dear Vince,

I'm sorry to tell you this in a letter, but I'm cheating on you. Look, I know what we had was special, and you'll -always- have a place in my heart as my first true love, but I can't sit here forever and just wish you were with me all the time. I know you have things you need to take care of, and I'll be wishing you the best as you move on. They say if you truly love someone, let them go free.

But I can't go with you. I love it here as a Texas fan and, well, I'm starting to see someone else. His name is Jamaal Charles. I know he's your friend, but don't be jealous. He says he'll try his best to do as much for me as you did. And I think he will.

God speed, Vince Young. Go show them you're the best. I'll always be thinking of you, and I hope you'll stay in touch and drop in on me from time to time. Anyway, Jamaal is calling. I gotta go.

With love,