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Well then

I wonder if Colt McCoy read this scouting report on Jevan Snead:

While most of the attention is being placed on fellow Texas quarterback Matthew Stafford and deservedly so, watch out for Jevan Snead because this guy is a playmaker. He is a threat to run on every snap and has a dangerous, live arm. Can make every college throw and gets excellent velocity on deep-out routes. Throws downfield passes over the middle on a line and can fit passes into spots that most quarterbacks can't. Shows good velocity when throwing on the run and is very effective rolling out of the pocket. He can really keep defenses on their heels. Displays a high-release point and consistent mechanics and can really whip it out of there. Is accurate, shows good timing and can consistently lead receivers on crossing routes. Shows a good feel for reading coverages and will make adjustments to exploit the weakness of the defense. Shows a lot of poise in the pocket and will survey the entire field before running or throwing the ball away. Is quick, is deceptively athletic considering his size and will create some second chances with his feet. Has adequate speed, shows terrific pocket presence and is willing to run for a first down. Plays with great intensity and appears to handle pressure well. He is what every college program that runs a version of the "spread" offense would love to have.

That last sentence, in particular, has me excited. Who knows how Snead or McCoy will pan out, but it's going to be fun.

Is it September yet?