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We're #1!


I cannot believe what I have just seen. The greatest game ever. The greatest performance by an individual player ever. A team achievement I never thought I would see.

The sheer joy I experienced leading a bar of Texas Exes in Washington D.C. in a chant of "We're #1!" must be magnified by 1000 at least by the members of the Burnt Orange Nation who attended the game in person.

But we all know the same indisputable fact: the Texas Longhorns are the national champions in the sport the most of us love the most.

Please come back to in the days and weeks to follow as we celebrate this joyous event. But please enjoy this moment. Because honestly, this is as good as it gets.

I embraced total strangers tonight the way I do my own family, and I came very close to crying tears of joy.

Congratulations to Mack Brown, Vince Young and all of the members of the 2005 Texas Longhorns. The 2005 National Champions!!!