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At the Rose Bowl...

I'll have a much longer write up on my experience on the Rose Bowl last night, but here's a few quick thoughts as I regroup and get some lunch.

*Texas fans traveled well and represented the Horns very, very well. In the parking lots, the Horns outnumbered the Trojans 3-1. In the stadium, it was about a 50-50 split.

*No one can ever, ever, ever complain about Mack Brown again. This is what we wanted; we got it. He's coach at UT as long as he wants it. I could not be happier for him.

*Reggie Bush choked. Plain and simple. He choked. He got outplayed by Vince, period.

*Matt Leinart was sick. I give him lots of credit for nearly leading them to victory. Lendale White was strong, too.

*WE WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  It's still sinking in... Much more to come.

---Oh, one more thing. Keep your eye on TrojanWire - we made a bet with them on this game. They should be posting something interesting soon.