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With the first pick of the 2006 NFL Draft ...


" ... the Texans received word Friday from an intermediary representing Texas quarterback Vince Young that the Houston native is leaning strongly to also going pro."

As far as should he or shouldn't he, that's up to Vince. If he wants to go, of course he should. There's absolutley nothing left to accomplish in college. But if he wants to play for the Horns for another year, hallelujah, Austin will welcome him back and throw rose petals at his feet until he goes #1 in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Here's the topic I want to debate here on BON.

If Vince does go pro, I contend he should the an absolute lock to be the #1 overall pick this year. Here's why:

  1. There has never been a player like him. He is better than Michael Vick, and Vick was a lock for #1 when he came out. Vick didn't win the national championship in college, and he's not as good of a passer as Vince. The throwing motion talk is b.s. Vince carved up USC with his arm with total precision, and though everyone will remember the runs I was more impressed with Vince's passing. The Chargers didn't want Vick so they found a trading parter. The Texans could do the same.
  2. Vince's read-read-read-run style will work in the pros. It's not like Vince didn't kick ass against USC or Ohio State, two teams with plenty of NFL talent on defense. OU's got some NFL defenders, too, and they had no clue how to stop Vince. All I'm saying is if he is damn near unstoppable already, why wouldn't you build your franchise around him? The scariest part is he's going to get even better.
  3. Reggie Bush is the best running back in the draft, but there are always good running backs. DeAngelo Williams from Memphis is a pretty good #2 if you need a RB this year and you don't get Bush.  Matt Leinart is the best quarterback in the draft, but Jay Cutler from Venderbilt is pretty good too. There are good pure passers available every year. There's not another Vince.
  4. Houston has the first pick. Vince is from Houston. The franchise has done squat since joining the NFL. I don't care if David Carr is there, that they need linemen, whatever. If you have to blow up the whole team and start over, you do it to build around Vince. He's that good. Even if you lose every game for the next three years while building around Vince, barring injury he'll be in the NFL for 10-plus years and he's going to change the game. There's never been a college QB as dangerous as Vince, and soon he'll be the most dangerous player in the NFL. What makes anyone think he won't win a Super Bowl in the pros? He led Texas to the promised land, and he's going to do the same eventually for whatever NFL team drafts him. Can you imagine the love Houston would show him if he eventually leads the Texans to a Super Bowl victory? Vince is already the most popular player in UT history, and if he plays his pro career in Texas too he may eventually become the most popular athlete in the history of the state.
  5. The only thing better than Vince going #1 to the Texans would be the Cowboys trading up to get him. America's Team needs to have the Michael Jordan of football. Jerry Jones, make it happen.