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Getting To Know OU

OU week is officially upon us, which means it's time to start studying this particular group of Land Thieving Thugs closely. Lots of analysis in these spaces all week, but let's kick things off with a quick look at Texas (through five games) and OU (through four games) on offense, presented without analysis for now.

Texas-OU Side By Side:
Team Rush ATT Rush YDS Average TD
Texas 200 1026 5.13 13
OU 151 721 4.77 8
Texas-OU Side By Side:
McCoy vs Thompson
Player Comp - Att Comp % YDS Yds/Att TD INT Rating
McCoy 69 - 97 71.1% 846 8.7 10 2 174.3
Thompson 61 - 98 62.2% 930 9.5 8 3 162.79

We'll keep rolling out the data, but let me tell you that, numerically and otherwise, this is one of the most interesting Texas-Oklahoma matchups in some time.