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Pick Em Results

This week's BON pick `em league was more difficult than in past weeks. We still had three participants scoring a perfect week. As with last week, we had to go to the tiebreaker. Congrats to all three of the participants who picked all ten of the correct games on  They are, listed by ESPN user name, and first and last name initials:

"McVay"  -  J. McVay

"rmontoya"  -  R. Montoya

"Godley Entry"  -  B. Godley

Picking a perfect card for the second week in a row, R. Montoya's "rmontoya" entry! His predicted score of Texas 28 to Oklahoma 17 was the closest to the actual score. For his efforts he'll receive a BON t-shirt and the right to pick Thursday's Pick Six here on the blog.

Of course, R. Montoya needs to email us to claim his winnings.  Email us ASAP, Mr. Montoya.

If you've -not- yet signed up to play in the weekly BON pick `em league, just follow these steps and join the 100+ players in the league:

  1. Go to the ESPN Fantasy Page
  2. Join the public group Burnt Orange Nation
  3. Enter the password: Longhorns  (Make sure you capitalize the 'L')
  4. Make your picks
Weekly winner receives a free t-shirt.  Overall season winner wins something fun, yet to be determined.

We'll have our updated standings on Thursday with the weekly Pick Six.