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Baylor by the numbers

So it seems that we're playing Baylor this week, as much as we'd like to dwell on two in a row and crying children.  Here's a look at Baylor by the numbers.

On offense:  Baylor ranks last in Division IA in Rushing Offense, which is to be expected from a team that looks to fashion themselves the poor man's Texas Tech.  In Passing Offense Baylor ranks 12th averaging 280 yards/game.  Look for this game to prepare the Texas defense for the Tech game, call the Baylor offense the Tech Scout Team.

On defense:  Baylor ranks 53rd and 66th in Rush Defense and Pass Defense, respectively.  They give up 126.2 and 201.5 ypg, respectively.  If OU's defense was a rutabaga (those things are hard to cut, trust me) then Baylor's D will be a warm stick of butter for Colt and the gang.

Obviously we'd all be shocked if Texas loses, so what I want to know is if this Air Bear thing is eventually going to work in Waco as it has in Lubbock.  If so, look for Baylor to surpass Texas A&M soon.