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Around the Country 10/10

So we all know what really mattered, but let's take a look at all those games this weekend that were less important than the Red River Shootout/Rivalry/Weekend/Boondogle.

Around the Big XII

Baylor 34 - Colorado 31

Baylor beats a Colorado team in the midst of their longest losing streak in 117 years in three overtimes.  This leaves Baylor 2-0 in the Big XII coming into their showdown in Austin next weekend, the winner of which will control their destiny in the Big XII South.  It's fun to try and say it with a straight face.

Texas A&M 21 - Kansas 18

A&M outscores those who play in Mangino's gravitational pull 14-0 in the fourth quarter to pull out the comeback.  This is Kansas' second straight disappointing Big XII loss, leaving them long shots in the wide-open Big XII North race, but no one really expected them to compete anyway.  Texas A&M has a big test next weekend at home against Missouri.

Nebraska 28 - Iowa St. 14

Eh, seems important, but it looks like the real test for Nebraska will be on November 4th against Mizzou.

Missouri 38 - Texas Tech 21

5 Graham Harrell turnovers, product of Mizzou's good D or Harrell's inexperience?  I'll bet some on both, but with this win Missouri passes it's first real test.  A&M next week and Nebraska and Oklahoma afterwards are what stand between the Tigers and the Big XII title game, Iowa St. already having two conference losses.  Is this a changing of the guard in the Big XII or just a down year for Texas Tech?  Time will tell.

Around the country

Arkansas 27 - Auburn 10

Most upsets go something like this:  the underdog gets out to a big lead on an unsuspecting Top 25 team and then holds on for dear life as the favorite comes marching back.  This game was not a typical upset.  Arkansas dominated Auburn on both sides of the ball, holding Kenny Irons to 60 yards rushing, while Darren McFadden and Felix Jones both went over 100.  One would think that with Arkansas keying on Irons, Brandon Cox could have done something with his arm, but all he could muster was 154 yards on 29 attempts, that's about 5.28 yards an attempt.  Arkansas now controls its destiny in the SEC West and Auburn is almost certainly out of the race for Glendale, having lost to a team that got blown out by USC in Week 1.

USC 26 - Washington 20

Without Dwayne Jarrett the Trojans can't seem to blow anyone out.  Washington loses with the clock running out on what would have been a shot into the end zone from the USC 15.  Go ahead, blame 3-2-5-e; I will.

Florida 23 - LSU 10

LSU gets two TDs called back on the same drive then fumbles on the Florida 1, turning the game around almost exactly like Billy Pittman's fumble against Ohio State.  The crazy jump shot into the end zone by Tebow wasn't exactly pretty, but it worked.

Tennessee 51 - Georgia 33

Huh?  Georgia was in the top 5 in total defense coming into this one right?  Texas v. OK State style comeback for Tennessee, who outscored the Bulldogs 37-9 in the second half.

Cal 45 - Oregon 24

For shame.  How could this game be lower scoring than Tennessee v. Georgia?  This is the Pac-10 for god's sake.  Cal is impressive in giving Oregon it's first real loss.  Looks like Cal could give USC a run for their money on November 18th, they'll probably have to deal with a healthy Dwayne Jarrett though.

Georgia Tech and Clemson both come back from early deficits to beat undefeated Wake Forest and oft-defeated Maryland, respectively, and Boise State's still undefeated.

That rounds out the less important stuff, there's sure to be more on OU later.