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Two Cents: Now dealing in hypotheticals

No one really liked yesterday's question, so I've decided to go in a different direction.  Imagine that instead of a BCS formula there's some kind of selection committee that chooses the two teams to play in Glendale; now imagine that you are that committee.  For the sake of objectivity I'll omit Texas from the discussion.

Say Florida finishes with one loss (to Georgia) and an SEC championship, Tennessee runs the table, West Virginia goes undefeated, USC loses only to Cal, whose only loss is to Tennessee, the Pac-10 champions, and Ohio State loses to Michigan, who lost to, lets say, Iowa, who runs the table with the one loss to tOSU.  Who do you put in Glendale?  And then after that substitute an undefeated Louisville for an undefeated WVA and see if it changes anything.