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Morning Coffee

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Kirk Bohls says the Horns will win out. I definitely agree, though as noted in the Longhorn Roundtable, it's looking like the trip to Lincoln - not Lubbock - will be the critical game.

The loons at BearMeat are presenting Longhorns as playing cards. I mean loons in a good way, for the record. The zany BearMeat blog is always full of good stuff. "Can I get a `Sic em?"  "Sic `em."

Those wanting a sneak peek at the BCS standings as of today, can find them here. The only real injustice at this point is Notre Dame. They've played two quality opponents - got blown out by Michigan, and squeaked past Georgia Tech. And should have lost to Michigan State. This is not to say they won't have chances to prove themselves yet. Just that they haven't, so far. For what it's worth, Texas is facing a similar problem. Only the Oklahoma victory counts as a good one, and the Ohio State game didn't do us any favors. Texas needs to win and win big the rest of the way.

Remember this? Well, he's back for more. I don't mind the smack talking - I like that aspect of sports - but shouldn't he save his big talk for a beatable opponent? Just seems silly.

Vince is not enjoying losing one bit. (HT: BevoSports) Understandable. Speaking of Vince, I watched "Next Level: Vince Young" on BET last night. The show itself is pretty bad, but if there was an episode to watch, it was last night's, as the focus was on the Rose Bowl. Lots of great nostalgic moments.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere: Kyle's getting practical about government and football (RTWT), Zach's got the inside scoop on what really goes on in Pac 10 referee huddles, Orson gets philosophical about bovine heaven, Chris releases the Maxwell standings, and Matt Nader will still receive his scholarship from the Horns.