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Two Cents

Yesterday there was overwhelming consensus that a 1-loss SEC champion Florida makes it to Glendale in the aforementioned hypothetical.  In a distant second comes tOSU, who lost only to Michigan and is in a three way tie for the Big 10 title with Michigan and Iowa.

I want to delve a little deeper today into an issue that was brought up yesterday, possible playoff formats and how they would affect scheduling.  billyzane has the most ideal solution, a flexible playoff situation that can accomodate up to 4, but in years where two teams are clearly ahead of the rest, only two will play and likewise if there isn't a deserving 4th team to put in a playoff then #1 gets a bye.  The problem with this is that it would seem arbitrary to many involved and would cause unpredictability for TV networks and bowl games, and we all know how they love unpredictability.

With 8 and 16 team playoffs you lose that mythical title feeling that we love in college football as Brooklynhorn says, and the regular season will be relatively meaningless like an NFL or college basketball regular season, as long as you stay in the top 8 or 16, you're in.

So what's the compromise?  What do we do?  +1 looks like the best option to me, what do y'all think?