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Morning Coffee

Let's just start with the coolest item first. Joel's Animated Race to the BCS Championship is up and running for week six. And it's truly cool to watch. Go now. Watch. Come back.

Aaron Ross is starting to generate a lot of buzz, and deservedly so. After his monster day Saturday (two INTs, fumble returned for TD), he leads the nation in passes broken up (12), and is second on the team in tackles, with 23. As noted by SMQ in his MaxwellAward ballot this week, that's not necessarily a good thing, but in Ross's case, it's a matter of the aggressive, physical run support the secondary at Texas provides. He's getting national attention elsewhere, too; this week the Master Coaches Survey awarded Ross its weekly game ball, while the Football Writers Association of America named Ross their national defensive player of the week.

Here it comes... Kirk Bohls offers the latest of what's sure to become a recurring story: does Texas have a Too Many Quarterbacks problem? The answer to that question is always `no,' for the record. No such thing. The better question, widely discussed here, is whether John Brantley might waver from his commitment. The answer to that ought to be `no,' also, if he's smart. But how many smart high schoolers do you know? So we'll see. I still say there's nothing to be concerned with. But as always, always, always, if the kid decides not to come to Texas, it's more his problem than ours. So no panicking, okay?

DMN's Chip Brown with a nice note on the older, wiser Quan Cosby. This guy really needs a nickname, by the way.

If you haven't already, don't forget to make your weekly picks in the BON Pick `Em league. First place for the week gets a t-shirt and a spot in our weekly Pick Six segment. If you've not yet signed up, join the league by:

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Update [2006-10-13 11:18:2 by HornsFan]: Please not there is now a poll attached to this story. Please read the comments and then vote. Thanks.



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