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Baylor Game Prediction

This is a tough game to call. I've been agonizing over it all week, and can't decide who to take. Baylor or Texas? This is an improved Baylor squad, and not the doormat that we're used to seeing. We just can't talk about this as a gimme like we used to.

Confused? Sorry. I should clarify. The line on my sportsbook is 31 points, and I can't decide which way I'm leaning.

The fact is that the outcome of this game is not an issue. Texas will win, and win comfortably. But man, that's a tough line. I've been thinking about a 30 point Texas win all week, which makes betting on this game unwise.

Which is why I won't. Fortunately, I'll enjoy watching us slam the Bears on the field anyway. Betting enjoyment is to keep me interested in other teams. There's no issue with me, enjoyment, and Texas football.

I'd guess that the gameplan is pretty set for this game. The Bears don't have the defensive power to slow down Texas' running attack, which is why I think we'll see the majority of our offense built around pounding out rushes. It's the wise move. In a game like this one, the only chance Baylor's got is a lopsided turnover fest in their favor. I don't expect Greg Davis to give their solid secondary many opportunities to ruin Texas' day.

On defense, we'll know how ugly it's going to get by watching Texas' front four. If they're blowing through the line of scrimmage to pressure the quarterback, it's going to be a gigantic blowout. If Baylor's offensive line can hold off the front four pass rush long enough, Texas might be forced to bring some blitzes from linebackers, which would open up some opportunities in the spread pass attack.

I think Texas' defensive line has a big edge here, and think we'll see an aggressive, physical beating much like what Texas Tech experienced last year. I like Texas to be up by three touchdowns, at least, by halftime, and for the reserves to get some solid second half minutes. With Nebraska and Texas Tech looming on the schedule, keeping everyone healthy ought to be a priority. I'd wager the second half action slows down considerably. As such, in the end, I'll take a solid Texas victory of 41-10. Bettors beware.



Last year we beat Texas Tech by 35, and this year's Baylor is like last year's Texas Tech except their defense and run game aren't as good. I'll say at least 40. Texas shows Baylor just how far they have to go to compete with their "air bear" offense 56-10