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Positional Review Prelude: Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

Well, that was interesting, wasn't it?  For those that were at the game, or couldn't be at the site during the contest, take a few minutes to read the comments from the Open GameDay thread. You can watch us, the readers, melt down as Texas stumbled out of the gates.

I don't think there was any real sense that Texas would lose the game, of course, but there was absolutely a "Damnit, here we go on TBS again..." mood in the room. And it was another "one of those nights." With the same ending as always - a Texas blowout.

The end result is fine, and despite the hand wringing occurring across Longhorn nation Sunday morning, the sloppy play is probably a net positive for the team as it preps for its two game road trip to Lincoln and Lubbock.

Why? Because you want to be flat against the teams that you can blow out with your B-game. Or in Saturday's case, your C-game. If you're flat against the good competition, you lose. Flat against Baylor and you get an interesting blowout and a slap in the face to get focused in practice.

Which suits me just fine.

So as we get into the positional reviews over the rest of the day and tomorrow, bear in mind the larger picture here. Texas won, won handily, and did it without playing particularly well. This is a Texas team that's growing into a real monster, and even the greatest of the greats earn some rather awkward wins. Vince and Co. had a particularly flat afternoon in College Station last season. They got better from it, slammed Colorado in Dallas, and won the national title in Pasadena.

So don't overreact. Keep it in perspective, take the win for what it was, and don't make it into something it's not. No team is perfect, but this team is becoming very, very good. So let's look rationally at what happened, discuss what needs to be done better next time, and start thinking about how we match up with Nebraska.

Cool? Cool.

Also, f*ck Shawn Bell.