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Nebraska Offense by the numbers

Rushing:  A friend of mine from Nebraska pointed out to me this weekend that Nebraska leads the Big XII in Rushing.  In fact they are 11th in the nation in rushing offense, averaging 207.71 ypg and 4.85 ypc.  Texas has the best rush defense in the Big XII and 2nd in the nation giving up 47.7 ypg and only 1.9 ypc.

Look for either the Nebraska rushing offense or the Texas run defense to be exposed.  I'm not going to hint either way, but I think you know which is more likely.

Passing:  Nebraska is 28th in the nation in passing offense (4th in the Big XII behind Tech, Baylor, and Mizzou), averaging 240.7 ypg and 14.67 yards/catch.  Texas' passing defense is ranked 77th after a lackluster performance against enemy of the nation Shawn Bell and Baylor.  We give up 210.29 ypg and 11.68 yards/catch.

Our pass defense is going to have to stiffen up this weekend, and we have every indication that it will with the return of Marcus Griffin and Tarrell Brown from injury.

Expect a more interesting and in depth look at Nebraska from the big dogs sometime this week and a look at Nebraska's defensive numbers tomorrow.