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Around the Big XII 10-14

We all know what happened in Austin.  Let's look at what happened in the rest of the Big XII.

Oklahoma 34 - Iowa St. 9

Count Iowa State out of the Big XII North race.  It's all Mizzou and Nebraska, one of whom must play Texas, the other Oklahoma sans-Peterson.  Horrendous pass defense by the Cyclones, as noted by UT2001, made Paul Thompson look like a heisman candidate, unfortunately he may have to be to keep OU going as AP is gone.  The injury makes a few more of OU's conference games look losable, look for some closer games in the Sooners' future.

Colorado 30 - Texas Tech 6

Mike's pirates showed their youth in this loss that changes our perception of what can and cannot happen in the Big XII.  Texas Tech is now 1-2 in the Big XII, so even if they won out, they'd need help to win the South.  Colorado gets their first win under Dan Hawkins, and it makes Baylor's overtime win over them last week look that much better.  As Graham Harrell matures look for the Raiders to play much, much better either later this year or next year, and with the imminent downfall of OU they have a chance to move up in the Big XII, but not this year.

Texas A&M 25 - Missouri 19

And we were so bullish on the Tigers after their big win over Texas Tech, but it seems that the Raiders are easier pray than we thought.  The speedy defense of Missouri was crumpled up by the power running game of the Aggies; turnovers by the Tigers didn't help them much either.  A good win that probably means Fran will keep his job at least another year, which, from where I'm sitting, is a good thing.  If John Blake had kept just barely meeting expectations at Oklahoma, they might have kept him longer and not brought in Stoops.  The longer Fran stays in College Station, the better, for us.  Missouri is still in many conversations.  Not the national championship one, but they were never really in that conversation.  Winning out puts the Tigers in the Big XII championship game.  Big games remain at home against OU (10/28), at Nebraska (11/04), and at Iowa State (11/18).  Let's not close the book on the Tigers yet.

Nebraska 21 - Kansas State 3

The Huskers faked a field goal for a TD, and performed the outstanding feat of holding Kansas State, who has only scored two offensive touchdowns in three Big XII games, without a TD.  Eh, Baylor beat them too.  There'll probably be a lot on the site this week about the Huskers.  For now I'll just say that I'm excited for next Saturday.

Oklahoma State 42 - Kansas 32

Bobby Reid breaks his coach's Oklahoma State record for total offense with 457 yards, throwing for 5 TDs and running in another one.  Wide Receiver Adarius Bowmann had 13 catches for 300 yards.  OSU didn't score until they were down 17-0 in the third quarter.  Reversing their fortunes from the last two Texas games, they went ape shit on the scoreboard, scoring 21 points in each of the remaining quarters to win 42 - 32.  Oklahoma State is looking much better than they did last year, when their only conference win was, inexplicably, against Texas Tech (apparently it's become Tech tradition to lose to the worst team in the conference every year now).  When asked how he felt after the loss, Mark Mangino replied "hungry," then walked off in the direction of a Denny's yelling that it was a "BCS conspiracy."