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Baylor Positional Review: Wide Receivers / Tight Ends

Positional Review Prelude: Required Pre-reading

I should really call out Billy Pittman more often. Pittman and Sweed stole the show on Saturday night combining for 193 yards on just 9 catches, with four touchdowns. With his two scores Saturday, Limas Sweed now has eight on the season, tied for third best in the nation. Pittman, meanwhile, broke out of a mystifying season-long drought; prior to Saturday, his best game yardage-wise had been a 45 yard effort against Iowa State. He caught a touchdown against Ohio State, but he also fumbled on the 2 yard line in what was one of the game's critical moments. It's great to see Colt getting Billy more involved.

And let's discuss Sir Michael Finley for a moment, too, shall we? The beast of a freshman had another miraculous touchdown grab (see also: Iowa State), bailing out Colt's underthrown third down pass. He's not showing the consistency yet, but he's flashing the talent. The consistency will come as he and Colt learn to work with each other.

Overall, the receivers abused Baylor, and save another Limas Sweed penalty, there wasn't much to complain about. Even that penalty, though awful because of the down and distance to goal, didn't bother me too much, because it was emblematic of the fierceness with which Limas now plays. We asked before the season who would step into the leadership void left by Vince. Limas has clearly been one of the players to do so. His emotion and intensity help the team tremendously.

Schematically, Texas didn't do too much different, though Davis clearly decided to begin opening up the passing game Saturday. I complained about this in the quarterback and running back reviews, but there were some benefits. The Horns got to work on some crossing routes with the receivers, which were effective. And Colt did get ample opportunities to work up the rapport with his pass catchers.

I don't know that it was the wisest gameplan in the world, but the experience was likely good for Colt and the receivers both. We'll take it, and feel optimistic about the group heading into Lincoln. Grade: A-.