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Baylor Positional Review: Defense

Positional Review Prelude: Required Pre-reading

It's hard to categorize the defense's play on Saturday night. Some players performed well. Some performed less than that. Some were simply abused.

The defense came into the game awfully banged up. Injuries to Okam, Tarell Brown, and Marcus Griffin put Texas in a position to get key backups some critical minutes, with mixed results. Matt Melton started off horribly, biting hard on a play action on Baylor's first offensive position, letting the receiver get behind him for a 67 yard score. He improved after that, including a nice interception return for a touchdown.

This game, defensively, came down to experience. The experienced Longhorn defenders played well - Tim Crowder, for example, played absolutely lights out. The inexperienced Longhorn defenders played pretty lousily - Deon Beasley, for example, took some real lumps. What's important to remember, though, is that the young kids come out of the game better players. Baylor picked on Beasley over and over and over, but he kept at it, trying his best, and never giving up. When it's time for him to take over as a starter next season, we'll all be glad he got key minutes this season.

I'm out of time to do positional grading right now, so we'll just take the experience as a learning one for the new guys. Everyone looks to be healthy for Nebraska, and that's what's important. We'll take the bonus that some of the newer players got some valuable experience, and expect Chizik to hone in on the mistakes made in pass coverage. Too many big plays were given up by the patchwork secondary, and it's something Texas will look to improve.