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Nebraska Defense by the numbers

We've already looked at Nebraska's offense.  Now let's look at their defensive numbers.

Rushing:  Nebraska ranks 21st against the run, giving up 98.3 ypg and 3.31 ypc, while Texas is 20th in rushing offense averaging 187.43 ypg and 4.88 ypc.  Even more than the flip side of the rushing game, this seems to be a statistical push.  Don't be surprised if Nebraska has success against the run early.  We can only hope that Brown and Davis stick with the running game.  Texas should, by the end of the game, win this battle, if the coaches stick with it.

Passing:  Nebraska ranks 86th in Passing defense, giving up 218 ypg and 12.61 yards/catch.  Texas ranks 57th in Passing offense, averaging 206.3 ypg and 12.56 yards/catch.  The almost identical numbers might seem to indicate that Texas will throw for about 210 yards on Saturday, but stats are ever deceiving.  If Brown and Davis abandon the run, we'd better hope that number's a bit higher.

The strength of Nebraska's D and Texas' O is the run.  If we can win that battle we'll be sitting pretty.  Remember, Mack has only lost one game at Texas when outrushing the opponent.

The wise and eminent PB and AW will sometime soon have up a more prescient and interesting preview of this weekend's game.  Stay tuned.