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Undefeated Watch

In what I hope to be a weekly post, I will run down those teams that still hold that mythical undefeated status that makes the world of college football one's oyster.


The Sadly Departed

Florida Gators:  Goodbye Florida.  Did you really think you would make it through the SEC without a loss?  You're no 2004 Auburn.  You amused us with your "LeakBow," but now you must be relegated to the land of the defeated.

Missouri Tigers:  With the relatively soft schedule until the Big XII championship game, we really thought it was possible for y'all to hit 12-0, but A&M played their best game ever and y'all just can't hold onto the ball can you?

And now those proud few that remain in the undefeated club this season.

Those Who Matter

Ohio State:  The favorite crushed Michigan State last weekend.  This Week:  Indiana

Michigan:  The Wolverines played Penn State about like Ohio State did, but without the two pick sixes.  This Week:  Iowa

USC:  Another close game to a so-so Pac-10 opponent.  It's time to develop some kind of offense.  This Week:  Off

Those Who Shouldn't Matter, But Might

West Virginia:  A sluggish first half gives way to a huge rushing performance against mediocre Syracuse.  This Week:  at UConn (Friday)

Louisville:  Almost had a problem against Cincy in Brian Brohm's lackluster return.  This Week:  at Syracuse

Rutgers:  Beat the living hell out of Navy after taking out the Midshipmen's quarterback.  This Week:  at Pitt

Those Who Don't Matter

Boise State:  Jumped out to an early lead on New Mexico State and then won in a shootout.  This Week:  at Idaho