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Last Best Chance For Texas?

As East Coasters settle in for their mid-afternoon football viewing, Texas will be concluding its matchup with Nebraska. It may be Texas last best chance to showcase themselves as they try to make a push up the rankings.

With Texas Tech down, A&M universally uninspiring, and Oklahoma State/Kansas State left on Texas' schedule, an emphatic win Saturday may be the only chance Texas gets to make a big impression. The same could be true, of course, for Nebraska, should they win.

Fortunately for both teams, just about anyone who has an interest in college football will get a chance to make an evaluation. Texas and Nebraska's 11:00 a.m. Central time game will be shown to 75% of the nation:

Look at us! Please! Look at us!

Hopefully the Longhorns aren't half as preoccupied with all these thoughts about rankings and resumes and the rest. For them, it's hopefully all about the win.