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Missouri Tigers for real real or just for play play?

Go Tigers it's your birthday, not for real real, just for play play

The Tigers from Mizzou are 5-0, but are they more "Wake Forest or Rutgers 5-0" or are they more "Michigan or Ohio State 5-0?"

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Missouri could not beat Ohio State or Michigan, but I'm pretty sure they could beat Wake Forest and almost any team in the Big East, so they're probably somewhere in the middle.

How's the offense?  PB has done a good job with that question here.  Suffice it to say it's Texas lite, but their running game is weaker.

How's the defense?  The numbers look good.  The Tigers are 13th in Run defense giving up 71.6 ypg and 10th in Pass defense giving up 143.2 ypg, but Colorado accounted for 373 total yards (190 through the air and 183 on the ground), but to be fair Colorado has been improving in every one of their 5 losses.

So Missouri's defense is a little overstated, but it's still better than last year, and in the Big XII North that might be all they need.  Missouri also has the supreme advantage of being the only of the three major North contenders that doesn't play Texas, although they do play the Sooners and Texas Tech.  If the Tigers can upset the Red Raiders in Buddy Hollyville next Saturday then they can probably go 8-0 before waltzing into Norman.

We'll know a lot more about the Tigers by then.

Of course you can look forward to some OU related content a little later.