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Pick Six!

It?s time for another week of Pick Six. This week?s guest handicapper, as always, is the BON ESPN Pick ?Em winner from last week. Congratulations are in order for Chris Adcock for some terrific picks last week.

Remember, weekly ESPN Pick ?Em winners receive a free t-shirt, plus a slot as out guest handicapper on the Pick Six. If you?ve NOT yet signed up to play, you can join the BON League and join the 100+ folks out there already participating:

1) Go to the ESPN Fantasy Home Page

2) Join the public group Burnt Orange Nation

3) Enter the password: Longhorns (Make sure you capitalize the 'L')

4) Make your picks

As always, our updated weekly standings for the Pick Six:

Week Five Pick Six Results
Handicapper Week 5
Straight Up
Week 5
Against Spread
Straight Up
Against Spread
PB 3-3 3-3 22-8 18-11-1
AW 4-2 2-4 20-10 12-17-1
Intern 4-2 3-3 7-5 6-6
Rutgers +6.5 at Pittsburgh

PB: Rutgers? defense has been simply outstanding thus far, while Pitt?s offense has been quietly among the most efficient in the country. Tough call here, but I?ll take the defense and the points. Rutgers 17-13.

AW: Rutgers fooled me badly last week with their shutout of Navy, while Pitt has been impressive over the last month winning four straight and sneaking into some top 25 rankings. They did lose to Michigan State though. It was the Rutgers run defense last week. This week their secondary slows down Tyler Palko. Rutgers remains undefeated and the third best team in the Big East. Rutgers 27-24

AR: Seriously? Third and fourth in the Big East, who cares? It?ll probably be a close game, but really, does anyone think that neither WVA or Louisville will win the Big East? I?ll take Pitt but no cover Panthers 27 ? SUNJ 24

CA: This is a tough one, but my gut says that Rutgers continues their Cinderella season and knocks off Pitt for the second year in a row. I expect Tyler Palko to have a solid game against the Scarlet Knight?s D, but I also expect the Knight?s to grind it out and eek out a win late in the game. Rutgers 23 - Pitt 21

Iowa +14 at Michigan

PB: Iowa might be the most difficult team in the country to figure out. Fortunately, Michigan?s not ? their defense is disgusting, and they can run the ball. Even with Manningham out, I?ll take the Wolverines to cover, 27-10.

AW: The Hawkeyes were embarrassed last weekend and will desperately be trying to prevent d?j? vu. Michigan?s defense remains nearly impenetrable. Drew Tate has just enough success through the air to cover. It?s never close: another workmanlike victory for the maize and blue. Michigan 25-13

AR: This game looked a lot more exciting two weeks ago. I?ll take Michigan with the points Michigan 30 ? Iowa 14

CA: Michigan slumps a bit and shows the nation that they are beatable, meanwhile the Hawkeyes rebound from their loss to Indiana and show that they are still among the best in the Big Ten. Iowa gets on top early but Michigan pulls out the win but doesn?t cover the two touchdown spread. Michigan 35 - Iowa 28

Texas A&M +2.5 at Oklahoma State

PB: The Cowboys can be run on, which is why I?m going with the Aggies here. Still, A&M?s defense might be suspect enough to lose this tricky road game. Another tough call, but I?ll go with A&M 30-24.

AW: I have lost money back to back weekends betting against the Aggies. I am on board now. Like Tech and Missouri earlier this season, Oklahoma State should be able to move the ball through the air. But the Aggies running game will control the clock and Javorski Lane can dominate tired defenses in the fourth quarter. A&M finds a way to 7-1. A&M 28-27

AR: I vowed last week to keep picking against A&M till they lost. Well I?m a liar, and Jorvorskie Lane is a beast. I?ll take A&M 24 ? OSU 21 Now watch them lose.

CA: A&M is riding high after knocking off Missouri. Look for the Aggies to take care of business in Stillwater and take out the Cowboys. Aggies 20 - Cowboys 14

Georgia Tech +7 @ Clemson

PB: This might be a battle of defenses, which bodes well for Georgia Tech. I worry about Clemson having too much success running the football, but I?ve got a feeling about the Jackets in this one. Georgia Tech pulls the upset, 24-23.

AW: This is probably a prelude to the ACC championship. Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in college football but alone he isn?t enough. If Reggie Ball shows up, this one could be interesting. Will Proctor and James Davis lead the explosive and balanced Clemson offense to victory. Tigers 30-21

AR: Is it better to struggle against Maryland or Wake Forest? I?ll take Clemson for their balance and competent quarterback. Class of South Carolina 25 ? Other team in Georgia 21

CA: The Yellow Jackets Defense exposes the overrated Clemson Offense and Georgia Tech shows the pollsters that they belong in the top ten and the Clemson Tigers don?t belong in the top 25. GT 35 - Clemson 17

UCLA +14.5 @ Notre Dame

PB: Lock of the week? The Bruins are struggling mightily right now, while the Irish are finding their groove. Notre Dame?s got an awful lot to play for, and they?ll be in South Bend. I like the Irish big, 38-14.

AW: Notre Dame is at home and has had two weeks to prepare for the second half of the season. Brady Quinn will be looking to get back into the Heisman race. If that isn?t enough, UCLA?s starting quarterback is out. This one should be a rout. Golden Domers 42-17

AR: UCLA gave up a ton of rushing yards last weekend, and Ben Olsen?s out. All of this adds up to another easy win for the Irish Irish 41 ? Bruins 17

CA: As a USC fan I?d love to see both teams lose, but since that isn?t possible?.I see UCLA?s QB Patrick Cowan struggling with his second start on the road. Besides visiting all of the all-you-can-eat buffets in Southbend over the bye, I think Weiss put together a good game plan to humiliate the Bruins. ND 40 - UCLA 17

Texas -8.5 @ Nebraska

PB: Ah, your local game of interest. Well, the line has moved down to seven points since we began writing these, so those interested in real gambling, take note. For our purposes, though, we?re at 8.5, and that?s a tough number to figure. I like the Horns to win in this one, and will have a complete game prediction thread for us later. I think 8.5 might be too many points to give up in a game like this, with the weather forecast as it is. Texas 24-17.

AW: Did you find the highest line you could? I think it?s slipped to -7 and might be lower by kickoff. The cold, wet, and windy weather will be a factor. Both teams play too conservatively in the first half before the Texas offensive line, Charles, and Young begin to dominate in the second. The Horns? run defense steps up all game long and Nebraska waits too long to test our secondary. Horns 24-17

AR: Are you excited yet? I?m excited. How excited? So excited I?ll take Texas with the points. It?s been close the two other times we?ve played in Lincoln, but this time it?ll be different. I?ll take a classic score Texas 37 ? Nebraska 27

CA: I can?t believe that some media analysts are actually picking the upset. Nebraska is improved from last year (but not much). In my opinion this one isn?t going to be close?Texas jumps up on top early and Nebraska fans wonder once again why in the world they ever fired Solich. Texas 37 - Huskers 13