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Tech D by the numbers

Usually I give stats for our upcoming opponents' offense and defense, but we all know what Texas Tech can do on offense, so I'm going to skip right to their defense

Rushing D:  Texas Tech is 76th in the nation in run defense and second to last in the Big XII in front of Iowa State, giving up 145.3 ypg and 3.81 ypc.

Hopefully this will be a game where Davis can work in the more straightforward rushing attack we're all waiting for.  This is the worst run defense Texas will face for the rest of the season, so it would seem the perfect time for a transition in the run game.

Passing D:  The Raiders are a surprising 9th in the nation in pass defense, 1st in the Big XII, giving up only 147.75 yards per game through the air on 9.85 yards a catch.  Missouri, TCU, and Iowa St. to their lowest passing totals of the season so far and held Texas A&M within 1 yard of their low, which was against Army.

Tech shouldn't be impenetrable for Colt, but all signs point to a heavy dose of JC and SY, if we're lucky.