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Morning Coffee

Kirk Bohls joins the chorus of folks asking for more I-formation and power running sets. I think we're headed in that direction, and with Tech's struggles stopping the run, the transition may hit high gear this Saturday. We'll see. [More Statesman: Ryan Bailey puff piece; Ask Suzanne]

Coming into the season, we knew who the Great White Hopes had to be on offense (McCoy and Shipley), but there wasn't much fair pigmented speculation on defense. Little did we know, as Chip Brown writes, Scott Derry and Aaron Lewis would be two of the most critical defenders of the season. Truly impressive what those two have done for us so far.

Tim Crowder was named to the Hendricks Award midseason watch list. To be perfectly honest, we haven't pimped Crowder hard enough - not nearly. Sometimes a stat line doesn't do justice to what a player has been doing for the season. Crowder's does: 38 tackles, 15 tackles for loss(!!), 8.5 sacks, 3 passes broken up, and 12 quarterback hurries. My goodness. He should be receiving All America consideration.

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