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After reading responses to yesterday's Two Cents question, it seems that most of y'all think that West Virginia is most likely to come out of the Big East unscathed. You are all entitled to your opinions, but let me tell you mine.

The Wishbone and Single Wing died for a reason.  The reason was that a quick defense could get to the edge and stuff the run if given the opportunity to sell out against it.  Nowadays teams utilize the forward pass to "keep the defense honest" so that they can't sell out against the run.

Pat White has been forced to seriously throw the ball in one game, the one against East Carolina.  In said game White threw 2 interceptions and WVA failed to cover a 21 point spread that had looked to low to those of us on the site who gamble.

Louisville may have struggled against Cincinnati and Syracuse as Brian Brohm gets back his feel for the game, but their defense has shown up well against the run.  Giving up over 100 yards only twice this season.  When given the opportunity to sell out and stop White and Slaton, I believe the Louisville D will step up and win this game, which by the way is being played at Papa John Stadium.