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Clemson Falls Flat

All four handicappers from this week's Pick Six are already 0-1 straight up and against the spread, as we all took the obvious choice or Clemson over Virginia Tech, which turned out to be horrendously wrong, like last year when everybody who was anybody predicted a Virginia Tech beatdown of Miami.

Brandon Ore rushed for over 200 yards, while the Hokey "lunch pail" defense held Clemson's running back tandem to only 71 combined yards.  That, combined with a +1 turnover ratio led Tech to a 24-7 victory in Lane Stadium Thursday night.

In my mind this means two things

  1. Boston College is on their way to the ACC championship game, even if they lose one, unless that one is to Wake Forest.  This proves PB's preseason prediction all the more prescient.
  2. Georgia Tech is really good when they throw Calvin Johnson the ball.  The Hokies had no answer for Johnson when they took their thrashing from the other Tech in the ACC, because, unlike against Clemson, Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball didn't have the courtesy to beat Johnson themselves.  This bodes well for GT.  If they can just let Johnson loose, they can probably win the other conference in the ACC (who can keep track of those names), setting up a showdown with Boston College, or perhaps Wake Forest, for a spot in the Orange Bowl.
Have a good day.  More college football is only a day away.