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BCS Standings Open Thread

We will have much more on the great escape in Lubbock last night soon.

Post your BCS standings comments here. Both the USA Today Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll have already been released publicly. Texas stands at #4 in both. Also, two of the six computer polls have been released as well. Texas stands #13 in Sagarin and #9 in Wolfe.

I have run the available numbers. Obviously, Ohio State and Michigan will be in the top two spots.

The next five sports will be very close. My prediction OSU, Michigan, Florida, West Va, Texas, Auburn, Louisville, USC, Cal, and Notre Dame.

Fox will release the official standings in the post game show following the NFL game in your area.

Update [2006-10-29 16:28:2 by awiggo]:
Official Standings:
1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. West Virginia
4. Florida
5. Louisville
6. Auburn
7. Texas
8. USC
9. Notre Dame
10. Cal