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First Year Starters in the Red River Shootout/Rivalry/Weekend/Debacle

Both this year's quarterbacks in Dallas are first year starters.  Let's see how other first year starters have fared in the Red River __.

Let's look at recent history, because, like many old people, I like things I can remember.

tomato soup, a grilled cheese sandwich, and a weak cup of tea is the best lunch in my book

In the Mack Brown Era, 5 first year starters have started at Quarterback in Dallas, though 7 quarterbacks in their first year of serious play with Texas or Oklahoma have played.

  1.  Major Applewhite 1998 (Win) - Major started in the shootout in his first year and won easily 34-3, this is in large part because this was the year before the man most hated by 69% of you, Bob Stoops, came to the waste of space state.
  2.  Josh Heupel 1999 (Loss) - One of my favorite OU Games, second only to that game with the last second stop at the goal line, the 1999 game saw OU jump out to a surprising early lead against Texas led by a junior college transfer from South Dakota named Josh Heupel.  Luckily Major Applewhite led a second half comeback for the Horns to win it 38-28.  This was one of two games that the hated Stoops has lost to Texas.
  3.  Nate Hybl/Jason White (Winners) 2001 - This game was a defensive struggle, mixed of course with conservative offensive scheming on the Texas side.  Nate Hybl was injured early in the game, giving Texas fans hope of redemption for the previous year's blowout loss, but a pre-knee injury Jason White came in and ran an option for the only offensive touchdown in the game.  Horn fans remember this game by one of it's last plays where Roy Williams flew into Chris Simms who then threw a pick from the endzone for an easy touchdown.
  4.  Chance Mock (loser) and Vince Young (Vince is not a loser, ever) 2003 - Chance Mock started this game so it doesn't stain Vince's win-loss record, but Vince played most of the game, leading the Horns in Passing and also led all rushers.  Texas came back from an early 7-0 deficit to tie it up, but after that it was all Oklahoma with the score ending up 65-13.
  5.  Rhett Bomar (loser) 2005 - I think we all remember this game, and Bomar's performance therein.  He was destroyed mentally and physically by the Texas defense en route to the 45-12 loss.
What is there to conclude?  When Mack and Stoops are coaching first year starters usually lose.  In 2001 White won the game, but, as noted above, that game was was dictated by the defenses, and damned by offensive conservatism from Texas.  This year both teams have first year starters so it can be assumed that the result will again come down to the defenses and the offensive playcalling.  All I can say is "cut 'im loose Greg."