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Malcolm Kelly, are we worried?

By an overwhelming count of 2 to 1, the player besides Peterson that Texas fans seem to be most worried about this weekend is Malcolm Kelly.

Now as promised I will profile this college sophomore, who is a month younger than me, but 4 inches taller and 10 pounds heavier.

Now if I were as fast as him I could play college football...

Kelly leads Oklahoma with 379 yards on 17 catches, about double the second leading receiver who has only 1 less catch.  Kelly can run after the catch.  After a lackluster start against UAB where he caught 3 passes for 28 yards, Kelly has averaged over 20 yards a catch in each of the three last games.  Think Billy Pittman, but a little bigger.  Luckily, Kelly is pretty much the only receiving threat besides Peterson out of the backfield.  Hopefully man to man with occasional help from the safety that's not at the line of scrimmage helping with Peterson can take care of Kelly, who seems to be the only other threat on offense for the Sooners.

All stats courtesy of the Worldwide Leader