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John Brantley - Yum

Rivals has released four new videos (subscription required) of Ocala, FL quarterback John Brantley, who's commited to play for the Horns next season. We've discussed him plenty on this site, of course, but if you haven't seen the videos of him passing the football yet, subscribe to Rivals or find someone who does. It's a thing to behold.

The thing that stands out immediately, and prominently, is the way he steps into his throws. His pocket presence is among the best I've ever seen - at any non-professional level. He maintains a perfect throwing position, stepping into this throws with a terrific over-the-top motion. He doesn't rocket the ball like Jevan Snead, but his throws are thrown with plenty of velocity. The accuraccy is uncanny.

What happens with the Texas quarterback situation over the next three years isn't necessarily a topic for right now, but diehards would do well to take in the videos of this young man. He looks absolutely terrific.