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It's True: OU Sucks Beer Is Here

I had been hearing rumblings about a beer released this week by Austin's Independence Brewing Company called "OU Sucks Beer."

Funny internet prank or real beer?

Despite what I'd heard, I dismissed the beer as an internet hoax of sorts - a nice little internet bit propogated by a site very much like this one.

But no. That's not the case. I was at Central Market today picking up some chicken breasts and, voila, there it was - OU SUCKS BEER! Yes, it was pricey ($16.99 for a 12 pack), but really, did I have any choice but to buy a case? Of course not.

I bought the beer, and loved every last drop of it. It reminded me of Redhook Brewery's Blackhook Porter - dark, rich, very malty - a great, lasting finish. And you really can go get your own OU Sucks beer at Central Market here in Austin.