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Should McCoy Be First Team All Conference?

A few weeks ago, after we praised Colt McCoy in our mid-season review, a friend asked me, "You're not going to try to push him for first team All Conference, are you?" At the time, I said that the discussion was premature, and that Colt hadn't earned anything like that at all yet.

Well, a few weeks later, it's looking like we'd be crazy not to get behind the idea of McCoy for First Team All Big 12. Forgetting the gutty wins the kid has led the conference's best team to, the case can be made on the numbers alone. Here's how McCoy compares to the only quarterbacks in the all-conference discussion:

Big 12 Top QBs
Name Completion % Yards Per Attempt TD-INT Rating
McCoy 67.7 7.85 24-4 166.55
Zac Taylor, NU 61.9 8.94 18-3 160.11
Chase Daniel, MU 64.7 7.55 19-8 143.5
Graham Harrell 68.7 7.23 28-8 147.7

Harrell's got the nice touchdown numbers, but those are a product of the system. He's also a petulant brat, and he melted down against Missouri. Chase Daniel just had a zero touchdown, three interception contest against the Sooners. Zac Taylor - a senior - may be the guy that gets the most votes, but he's hardly having the season McCoy is, and the Huskers have dropped two straight conference games. With three games left to play, Texas' amazing freshman Colt McCoy might just be your First Team

(Defensive review forthcoming. I'm putting it off as long as I can, for obvious reasons.)