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Morning Coffee

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Kyle explains why he won't be watching Texas and Oklahoma State on Saturday. Made me chuckle.

Yet another reason why we read MZone every day. Mack Brown's a pimp, and Pete Carrol as a stripper. Love it.

Ken Pomeroy with one of the best Big 12 hoops previews you'll find anywhere. (HT: Phog)

Colt McCoy is your Walter Camp Football Foundation National Player of the Week. He's also starting to get some Heisman attention, and was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week.  Unbelievable, what he's done so far. Elsewhere, you can vote for McCoy's stellar performance in Lubbock here and here.

Mack Brown's Monday press conference is up for your review.

Chip Brown on Texas' banged up secondary.