Questions du Jour

1) A&M or OU...who ya rootin' for?

Things to consider:

  • If OU wins and Texas beats OSU and K-State, the Big XII South race is over, Texas wins
  • If A&M wins and beats Nebraska, they will probably be ranked in the Top 12 by the time they get to Austin making a potential Longhorn victory more compelling to voters and increasing our SOS
  • If OU wins and keeps winning, they'll probably end up in the Top 15 by seasons end which will also help our SOS (how ironic that the Oregon loss may hurt Texas more than OU)
  • If Texas is already the Big XII South Champ, A&M will come to Austin with nothing to lose (pressure will be on Texas)
2) Should the Big XII do away with the Conference Championship and opt for a nine-game conference schedule like the Pac 10 (Stoops is quoted in the paper today suggesting this happen)?

Things to consider:

  • The Pac 10, Big 10 and Big East don't have conference championship games which may increase their chances of getting two teams into the BCS, but diminish their chances of putting a team into the title game because of SOS
  • Even with a 9-game conference schedule, with 12 teams, each team is going to miss playing two other teams each season, meaning you could have two teams finish with identical conference records who never played each other (co-champions)
  • A marginally good team like Kansas, who avoids playing both OU and Texas this year, could win the conference without breaking a sweat
  • It's never fun to play the same team twice in one season, but the duel division conference championship system does ensure that the two best teams in the Big XII will have to meet and settle it on the field at least once at a neutral site
Okay, discuss...

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