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Your Two Cents: Garrett Wolfe

Yesterday's question was dismissed by many.  The consensus was that it's football so they'll watch it.  Instead of responding to this I will simply send you somewhere where a greater man than I has already covered it.

Todays question concerns Garrett Wolfe. The prolific running back from Northern Illinois.  In the Forde Yard Dash, Pat Forde gives Wolfe a chance at the Heisman.

Can Wolfe run all the way to New York?

This was talked about last year with Deangelo Williams, but nothing really came of it, but Wolfe is putting up amazing numbers, including 353 yards on Ball State, which is more than some 20 I-A teams have rushed this entire season.  His total to date is 1,181 yards.

So here are my questions.

  1. With how many rushing yards will Wolfe finish the season?
  2. How many rushing yards will it take to get Wolfe invited to New York in December?