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Hollywood Horns

First, Mack Brown makes a cameo appearance in last night's series premier of Friday Night Lights. (For what it's worth, the show is getting rave reviews from critics. Show re-airs tonight and Saturday night on NBC.)

And now Vince Young makes his television debut in BET's "Next Level: Vince Young" show, premiering tonight at 8:30.

BET explains the show's concept:

In this first installment, BET follows University of Texas - Austin's star quarterback, Vince Young, as he prepares for the NFL draft coming off of his 2005-2006 NCAA Football National Champion Rose Bowl victory.  Respected in his hometown, Vince is a real hero on and off the field, but he's about to embark upon the most stress-filled experiences of a lifetime.

How does Vince deal with his new found fame and how does it affect those around him?  This show will include plenty of football action, while also exploring Vince's personal world as he balances success and family.

Young has been a constant role model to thousands of urban youths before his days as a star quarterback.  In the show, we follow Vince speaking to juveniles at the Leak Watt Detention Center in Yonkers, N.Y. and see his emotional side after delivering a heartfelt speech.  Vince's charitable acts speak to his very core as a positive role model for African-American youth who through actions as well as words, see the fruits of Vince's labor can also be obtainable through hard work and sacrifice.

If that's not enough Vince for you, Horns fans can catch Vince here in Austin on Sunday when the Titans face the Colts, to be locally televised. Yes, the Titans will get rolled. But no, there's no such thing as Too Much Vince.