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Morning Coffee

Kirk Bohls says Texas is still seeking its identity. I think he's right. This is a statement game for Texas, the biggest of the season.

C&CM notes that OU's been lights out after bye weeks under Bob Stoops.

Chip Brown's morning notebook: Colt McCoy is starting to play and carry himself with a swagger, Mack's not listening to rap music this season, and the `Horns don't feel good about kicking field goals.

The last note's the most interesting one, with Brown being quoted as saying, "We're not big on field goals. We're going to try our best to go four downs and score if we possibly can. That's just the personality we've become when we get into field goal range. Points are really important. Greg [Johnson] is about 100 percent in practice since he missed the one against Ohio State. I think we're fine there; I just don't like to kick 'em."

OU has been forced to give up the south end zone seats to keep the game in Dallas through 2010. Last season, Texas had asked Oklahoma officials to rotate which team's fans got to sit above the south end zone tunnel as part of a gentleman's agreement. The Sooners - not gentlemen, we note - balked. Which is why none of the stories about Texas officials playing hardball in these negotiations is surprising. OU needs the game in Dallas far more than Texas does.

Point: The Norman Transcript says Big Game Bob is back. He's confident about his team, and ornery with reporters.

Counterpoint: The San Antonio Express-News discusses the disappearing act of Big Game Bob.

Sooner fans try to be funny. Lame.