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OU Fact or Fiction

Matt from Crimson and Cream Machine invited us to play a little game of OU Fact or Fiction, and we agreed.  Our responses to his questions are already posted on his site.  Head over to see our thoughts on various game-related questions.

In turn, we threw a couple questions Matt's way for discussion.  You know the game - fact or fiction:

1) Oregon won the football game against Oklahoma.

Fiction Oregon was given the game. Call me a bitter homer it you want to but name one person that knows anything about football who saw the replay and said the right call was made.

You can argue defensive failure all you want but if that call is made correctly then Paul Thompson takes a knee three times and the game is over.  

2) Adrian Peterson will be the deciding factor in this game.

Fact But it may not be in mind blowing yardage like his freshman year rather the number of defenders Texas commits to stopping him. The biggest factor Peterson may play in this game is opening up the passing game for Oklahoma by forcing Texas to defend OU receivers man-on-man.  

3) Paul Thompson is capable of beating Texas if AP isn't finding room to run.

Fact If Adrian Peterson isn't finding room its because Texas is committing 7 to 8 defenders to stopping him leaving Thompson to make passes to other playmakers.

Oklahoma has their share of tall receivers (Finley 6-6, Gresham 6-7, Kelly 6-4) and Thompson has proven that he is more than capable of getting the ball to his receivers.  

4) Bob Stoops will have a special defensive scheme for young Colt McCoy.

Fact Oklahoma has a special defensive scheme each week. While the Sooners will want to get into McCoy's face and confuse him with coverage schemes the primary concern will be stopping the Texas running game. I expect OU and Texas to have similar defensive game plans Saturday. Stop the run and force the pass.  

5) The Oklahoma offensive line is a weakness.

Fiction The Oklahoma offensive line has been pretty good. They have only given up 5 sacks on the season, just one more than Texas, and have out played their defensive counterparts to this point in the season.

Texas will by far be the strongest test of the season for the o-line and they will no doubt have to play their best game to give Oklahoma a chance to win. There is no doubt that this line is light years ahead of last season's at the same point.

6) The "Longhorns down" sign is cool.

Fact Anything that draws an adverse reaction from Longhorns is cool. I'm also a fan of singing "I've been working on the railroad."


Thanks for your answers, Matt. Just so you know, the Longhorns down sign draws confused befuddlement, not anger, from Longhorn fans.  We're mystified at how prevalent it is. And that people paint it on their trucks.