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Immediate Reaction: Texas Beats OU

Texas came into this game favorites, they proved their superior ability in the first quarter, and then we got soft in our comfort with the lead. I was angry. I put up a nasty post at halftime about how unhappy I was with our passivity with the offense in the first half.

But things changed at halftime. Greg Davis came out and did what we wanted the Texas offense to do. And it worked. It was a great performance. While the defense made play after play, the offense played like a unit that understood that the quarterback was capable of exposing weaknesses in this Oklahoma defense.

And that's all you want from your offense. The next thing we want is to see it for 60 minutes, and not just 40 minutes.

The bottom line: there's plenty to be bothered about the coma we went into after Texas went up 7-0. But there's an equal amount to celebrate after the half. The net result was a decisive win over the most dispicable group of athletes on the planet. And that's all we really wanted, right? At the end of the day, it was a good day.

We'll get into the nitty gritty of this game over the next 48 hours, but for now, it's time to enjoy a terrific, decisive victory.

Yet another Saturday that I'm proud, proud, PROUD to be a Longhorn.

Big Game Bob is dead.

Long live the Longhorns.