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Oklahoma Breakdown: Offensive Coaching

We'll conclude our look at the offense with a discussion of the coaching and gameplanning for the RRS. Let's start with Texas opening drive. Incomplete, rush to Jamaal for 6, incomplete (double team to Sweed). I thought Greg Davis came out and pushed a little too hard on that first series, and I'll get back to that in one second.

The next drive was almost entirely a rushing drive, save Colt's terrific 3rd and 6 pass on the run to Quan Cosby. The Horns held a 7-0 lead and some real momentum, but things came screeching to a halt. There wasn't one good reason for it - it was a combination of things - but Texas never got in a good rhythm. Between the awkward reverse to Billy Pittman, the holding calls (two big ones), and the 15 yard sack that McCoy took (the only sack of the game), the Horns were just a -little- bit out of synch.

At halftime, I was concerned, as I thought Davis was partially responsible for our awkward close to the half. The play-calling just didn't make a lot of sense. The rushes were fine, but the reverse was forced and the passes were convservative.

And then the second half happened. Davis opened with a pass to Billy Pittman - 17 yards. One rush later, Colt was throwing his 33 yard TD to Limas. The next drive was a blistering combination of rushes that got Texas deep into OU territory and set up McCoy's second touchdown pass - this time to Shipley.

And that was the ball game. This may not be the greatest team playing from behind, but there's not many better teams when they're playing with a lead. Texas came out in the second half and just slugged OU in the mouth. You'd like to have seen us do it for 60 minutes, and not just 40, but it's an imperfect game. I saw what I needed to see - our offensive coordinator make in-game adjustments and trust of our young thrower. I begged Greg to do it, and he did. I don't know that I could ask for much more right now.

The only thing we need to see now is for the improvement in the offense to stick; it's all for naught if the coaches retreat from the progress that's been made. Still, there's no reason to think that's the case. Davis seems eager to use his developing weapon McCoy, and use him he did on Saturday. Texas remains in the Big 12 and BCS title hunt with a solid victory that the players and coaches both deserve credit for. The offensive coaching gets a B+.