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Oklahoma Breakdown: Offensive Line

There's not a lot to say about the offensive line, other than that they dominated the game - especially in the second half. As was noted in the game preview, the seniors put a big time stamp on this game with their physical, consistent play.

Colt McCoy was given time to make plays, while the tailbacks had enough run to be generally effective. Oklahoma brought blitzers on a number of plays in attempts to get to McCoy, but neither the offensive line, nor the tailbacks in blitz pickup, flinched.

By the fourth quarter, Texas had easily won one of our big keys to the game - the edge on the lines. The Sooner defenders looked exhausted and frustrated, and in a game where the team that executes better and plays more physically wins... well, you can't really say anything but good things about this group. Adam Ulatosky had a terrific game, while the seniors did their usual great work. An easy A for Texas' offensive line, the best in the conference, and maybe the entire country.