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Oklahoma State Defense By the Numbers

We've looked at the Cowboy offense.  Now let's take a look at their defensive numbers.

Run D:  Oklahoma State ranks 83rd in the nation, 10th in the Big XII above only Baylor and Texas Tech (non sequitur did you know that Colorado is second in the Big XII in run D?).  The Cowboys give up 152.9 ypg and 3.96 ypc.  Hopefully the emergence of the under center running, both from the I and with only a single back, that we saw in the second half of the Tech game will pick up some steam against this mediocre run defense.

Pass D:  The Cowboys come in at 67th in pass defense, good for 6th in the Big XII.  They give up 202.5 ypg and 12.86 yards a catch.

For a grain of salt with these numbers, several of the teams the Cowboys have faced in Big XII play so far focus on their running game their running game.  Kansas is ranked 29th nationally in Rush offense, Texas A&M is 9th, and Nebraska ranks 16th and had a particularly successful day running the ball with Brandon Jackson running for 99 yards in the first half alone.

The defense is definitely the weak point of this team, and although I believe we can win a shootout with any team in the Big XII (see last week's game against Texas Tech), I would much rather see our defense step up and take their potent offense out of the picture.