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TBS and Close Games Revisited

In past weeks I've posted stories about the TBS curse and how the Longhorns have performed after close wins.  At this point it seems there's a follow up in order as we are now coming off two close wins and are playing on TBS.

Games covered under the TBS curse have invariably featured an underachieving team playing up to the Horns, who are coming off a big win and have somewhat looked past the game.  This year's Oklahoma State is a team hitting its stride.  With their convincing win over Nebraska last weekend and Enemy of the Nation Shawn Bell's season ending ACL injury, the Cowboys are set for a dog fight with the struggling Red Raiders from Lubbock for fourth in the South Division, which will be good for 4th or 5th overall.  Large halftime deficits the last two years should help to keep Horns from overlooking the Cowboys.

The only time Texas has been unaffected by TBS thus far has been against Texas Tech in 2004, the same Tech team that finished the year with a convincing win over Cal in the Holiday Bowl, case in point.

As for the close games, Texas under Mack Brown has only ever had two consecutive wins by 7 or less once.  This was in 1999 when the Horns beat Nebraska 24-20 on October 23rd and Iowa State 44-41 on the 30th.  The next game, on November 6th was a 34-21 win over Oklahoma State.  Is it a coincidence that these games took place in the same three weeks of the season and that the first and last opponents are the same?  That's for the superstition in you to decide, but eventually Colt has to play as outstandingly as he has in the second half of the past few games for an entire game.

Is this wishful thinking?  Perhaps we'll find out on Saturday night.