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Morning Coffee

Remember yesterday, when I directed you toward Kyle's tongue in cheek statement of disinterest in the Texas-Oklahoma State game? Well, I'm glad I did, as a pouty Cowboy fan saw the post and started a "discussion" thread on an OSU message board. I encourage you to read the entire strand of comments. They range from the infrequent note of sanity and intelligence to the much, much more frequent note of raging defensiveness. "What does Georgia have on Oklahoma State anyway?!" Other than a better school, located in a better city, with superior athletics and hotter girls? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I thought I'd covered it all in yesterday's Morning Coffee, but alas, no. Colt McCoy was also awarded a Game Ball by the Masters Coaches Survey. Meanwhile, Suzanne Haliburton takes her cue from this blog to ask whether McCoy should be all conference.

I love Wells to death, but he's flat wrong that Texas doesn't have a scheduling problem. And it's not just me that wonders whether the patsy schedule's going to hurt the Horns. Bruce Feldman writes in his blog (In$ider subscsription required) about his indecision over whether an undefeated Big East team would deserve a spot in the title game over other one-loss teams. Sadly, he adds this about Texas:

One thing that did dawn on me is in regards to Texas. I'm not sure the Longhorns would have a stronger case than an unbeaten Big East champ, even if it were Rutgers. My reasoning: UT would've lost handily at home to the only top-10 team it played (Ohio State). After that, the Horns best win will be over Oklahoma or Texas A&M and the Big 12 title game will have them beating a team that might not even be in the top 25. The Big East champ would have had to beat two top-15 teams.

Two big points, of course. One, for this season, we're getting killed by a weak Big 12 and by our decision to play North Texas, Rice, and Sam Houston State. Second, note that there's no consensus that an undefeated Big East champ deserves a spot over one-loss teams with real schedules. Texas might find itself on the wrong end of that discussion in coming years if the scheduling of cupcakes continues.

If you missed it below, AW's got your scrimmage notes from last night's game. Just a few thoughts of my own on what I saw: Kevin Durant is even more impressive physically than I thought. He's unbelievably long and can get his shot whenever he wants it. You could definitely tell that he's used to dominating on his talent alone, and he's got work to do in becoming a more fundamentally sound ballplayer, but there's no question he's going to have some "on" nights and drop 30 points with ease. There will also likely be other nights where he struggles. For the others, Damion James is much, much better than I realized. He's a tremendous athlete, very physical, and more polished as a basketball player than any freshman small forward I've seen in some time. Tremendous player. Lastly, AJ Abrams is terrific. AW nailed it when he said that the kid can hit threes from anywhere with that quick release. He's also just a heady, sound player. It's going to be a really, really fun season for the Horns.